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We are a Non-Profit Soccer Organization for Pre-K through 8th Grade in Marion, Illinois. P.O. Box 97 Marion, Illinois 62959
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Please Read – Important Information!

This document contains Hot Topics and FAQ for the upcoming Soccer Season.

Registration Opens July 15th |


• Recreational Program $40.00 per child

• RecPlus (+) Program $99.00 per child Recreational Program Included in Fee

• $40.00 Rec Fee and $59.00 RecPlus (+) Fee = $99 Total Fee


*Note: There is only Pre-K (Bumblebee Division) in the recreational program and does not have practices during the week. One half of the “game time” will be devoted to practice.


First two kids (living in the same household / same immediate family) are registered at the regular price; third child is 50% off of the least expensive program; fourth and subsequent children are FREE.


Example #1: Family with Three Children (Recreational Program Only)

• Child # 1 – enrolled in Recreational Program = $40

• Child # 2 – enrolled in Recreational Program = $40

• Child # 3 – enrolled in Recreational Program = $40 / $20 (50% Discount)



Example # 2: Family with Three Children: (RecPlus (+) Program Only)

• Child # 1 – enrolled in RecPlus (+) Program = $99

• Child # 2 – enrolled in RecPlus (+) Program = $99

• Child # 3 – enrolled in Recreational Program = $99 / $49.50 (50% Discount)


(maximum amount for any family)


Example # 3: Family with Four Children: (Mixed Recreational and RecPlus Programs)

• Child # 1 – enrolled in RecPlus (+) Program = $99

• Child # 2 – enrolled in RecPlus (+) Program = $99

• Child # 3 – enrolled in Recreational Program = $40 / $20 (50% Discount)

• Child # 4 – enrolled in Recreational Program = $40 / FREE


Rec plus (+) FAQs

What is Rec Plus (+)?

Rec Plus (+) is a NEW program offered by MSI that focuses on advanced skill development with professional training along with increased competitive play against local cities as well as regional tournaments. As part of the Rec Plus (+) Program players are automatically assigned to, and expected to fully participate in, a Recreational Soccer Team as described above. In addition you will receive…

• Advanced Training Sessions twice (2) per week with professional trainers

• Four (or more) additional Professionally Refereed Games against teams from surrounding community

• Additional Friendly Games with teams from surrounding community

• Guaranteed Entrance and Playing Time in Two (2) Soccer Tournaments

*NOTE: ALL Rec + players play in tournaments; there is NO MORE ALL-STARS.

* Actual Soccer Jersey for Home/Away Games


Why is MSI offering a Rec Plus (+) Program?

This new program is a direct result of your input! The results from the 2015 MSI Parent/Family Survey showed parents were looking for more advanced training and more competitive play without having to join a club league. Rec Plus (+) offers this type of program.


What type of training will my child receive?

Marion Soccer Inc. has adopted the United States Youth Soccer Federation’s Player Development Model. Training will focus on age appropriate:

  1. Evaluation of Player Performance
  2. Skills & Technique
  3. Fitness and Health
  4. Tactics (Offensive and Defensive)
  5. Game Strategy
  6. Team Development


Who are the Trainers?

MSI has created a new Board Position, Director of Training & Development. This position is responsible for overseeing trainers who have been recruited based on their knowledge of soccer, skill level, and ability to work effectively with youth. Trainers will be focusing on age-appropriate skill development.


What happened to “All Stars”?

We want all kids to have opportunity for fun, competitive play. The old All-Star program resulted in a small number of kids being allowed to represent MSI in tournament play. The new Rec Plus (+) program allows ALL children to play in both friendly games and competitive tournament play. Similar to school sports children “earn” their spot on a team (think A, B, C, teams). In Rec Plus (+) the trainers will be assessing your child and initially place them on a team that matches their skills level. However your child can move amoungst the teams based on their effort and skill development. So unlike the old All-Star concept, your child has the ability to move between teams for every game. In short a child “earns their spot” for any given RecPlus (+) or tournament game.

Press Release – United States youth soccer federation

CHICAGO (Aug. 24, 2015) – In another step towards its commitment to long-term player development, U.S. Soccer is phasing in new standards related to small-sided games and birth-year registration.

U.S. Soccer will standardize small-sided game participation and field size based on player age groups, while also aligning birth-year registration calendars with the start of the calendar year and run from January to December.

The coaching initiatives, which will be mandated by August of 2017, are focused on advancing youth players’ individual skill and intelligence, and providing players with the best opportunity to improve. “Our number one goal is to improve our players down the road and these initiatives will help us do that,” said U.S. Under-20 Men’s National Team head coach and Youth Technical Director Tab Ramos. “With small-sided standards what we’re trying to do is to help players develop by putting them in an environment where they are constantly involved in the play and our changes in birth-year registration will make age groups easier to understand, while aligning our calendar with the international calendar.”



The small-sided standards are focused at players from the U-6 to U-12 age groups. The field size is based on age groups, providing a more age appropriate environment that will allow players with a better opportunity to develop heightened soccer intelligence and on-the-ball skills.

The field dimensions and number of players on the pitch will increase in size from 4v4 to 7v7 to 9v9 as players age, up until they reach the U-13 age group and begin to play full 11v11 matches. “In general we would like for players to be able to process information faster, and when they are in this environment they are going to learn to do that over a number of years,” Ramos said. “When you have young players in an 11v11 game there are only so many involved in any one play at a time. By taking numbers away and playing 4v4, 7v7, and 9v9, you are multiplying their chances on the ball, increasing their touches and making it overall more for them by making them an active participant at all times. Fast forward 10 years and there are thousands of game situations added to a player’s development.”



Birth-year registration calendars will now align with the start of the calendar year and run from January to December, rather than August to July as it had previously. For example, a U-15 player (players 15 years old or younger) would have a birth year of 2000 (Jan. 1 through Dec. 31) for the 2015 registration year. In 2016, U-15 players would be born in 2001 or earlier. Birth-year registration applies to all player age groups and not just players age 12 and younger.

The initiative will align registration with the international standard, while simultaneously providing clearer information on player birth dates to combat ‘relative age effect’.

Relative age effect refers to the selection bias related to players that are more physically mature than their peers due to being born earlier in the year. U.S. Soccer seeks a balance of players that are born throughout the year so that all players, those born in the earlier months, and those born later have equal opportunity to grow and develop as soccer players.

“It makes the process easier,” Ramos said of the birth-year registration initiative. “Over the years you go through coaching youth soccer and you are constantly finding parents and players confused about what age group players belong in. The current August 1 cutoff meant that two players born in the same year could be in different age groups. To make it more confusing, different school systems have different cutoff months for going into the new grades. It was just very difficult for parents to take it all in. This new calendar year system makes soccer easier. If you’re born in a certain year you belong in that certain age group. Simple. It also puts our players on the same age-playing calendar as the rest of the world so they will be used to competing in the right age group. That makes it much easier for us to scout for the National Teams and find players ready to compete internationally.”

The birth-year registration initiative will not cause the dissolution of age-group based teams that already play together, but will rather give players the opportunity to ‘play up’ with older age-groups.


Do you love soccer but are not sure about coaching?

Volunteer coaches are essential an part of Marion Soccer

NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED! You do not have to be an expert! You just need the desire to help children love the sport of soccer and help them to have FUN and learn to work as a TEAM!

NEW FOR COACHES – this year Marion Soccer is offering a LOT of things to help:

  2. Age appropriate, step-by-step curriculum with games, drills, and internet links with videos
  3. Coaches Clinic providing orientation of the laws of the game, referee calls and signals, etc.
  4. Auto-scheduled weekly practices for you (you can change later if you like)
  5. If you get your F-License (on-line course) MSI will reimburse up to $40.00 towards your child’s registration fees (new licenses only; one time per coach/assistant coach).
  6. Welcome email/text template you can send to your parents
  7. Team Roster template
  8. Snack schedule template (for younger teams)
  9. Downloadable parent handout to give parents regarding concussions

For the safety of the kids, and as a requirement of our insurance company, all Coaches and Assistant Coaches are required to undergo a background check along with completing a brief on-line training on concussion safety. Once you complete the training and quiz, you can print out a certificate and turn it into your Division Coordinator.


Please help by volunteering your time to be a Coach or Assistant Coach.

Register at


Are you a REFEREE?

Would you LIKE to be TRAINED as a REFEREE?

Are you looking for some cash (high $$ PAY $$ per game)?

If you learn to become a referee and get certified you may have your certification clinic fees refunded after working 10 games.

Register to be a Referee at